Pet insurance without the hassle

  • For accidents & illness
  • 24/7 pet telehealth
  • 10% multi-pet discount
  • Optional wellness

Paw Protect is industry-leading 
pet insurance – here’s how it works

Paw Protect, powered by Embrace Pet Insurance, offers some of the most comprehensive pet insurance in the US. With features like a 10% multi-pet discount and 24/7 pet telehealth, it’s the perfect choice – and couldn’t be easier!

Here’s why pet insurance is such a good idea

Vet bills have been rising for the past few years, and don’t show any signs of coming down. So what are you going to do if your dog has an accident or gets sick, and you have to pay a few thousand dollars?

As you can see, even for a covered vet bill of $2,000 – not an uncommon amount to have to pay – pet insurance is worth its weight in gold. If you had a plan with a $100 deductible and 90% reimbursement (10% copay), you’d get $1,700 back from Paw Protect.

Without pet insurance, you’ll have to pay the whole bill yourself.

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Your dog gets a bad limp and needs surgery, which is going to cost $2,000. Do you have pet insurance? Yes, I'm covered with Paw Protect! : Based on a typical plan with 90% reimbursement and a $100 deductible - you pay the covered vet bill, then submit your claim to Paw Protect. Paw Protect pays $1,700. You pay $300. OR No, I'm not insured: You pay the whole amount out of your own pocket. You pay $2,000

Paw Protect is easy, flexible and affordable

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Get your pets covered with a new Paw Protect policy

When you take out a new Paw Protect policy, you know you’re getting the best protection for your pet. From a generous 10% multi-pet discount to great dental coverage, we’ve got your back!

Taking pet to the vet

Pay your covered vet bill and simply make a claim

If you have to take your pet to the vet, simply pay the covered vet bill and then make a claim with Paw Protect. Your policy covers you for virtually any accident or illness, as long it’s not pre-existing.

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Wait to get reimbursed… 
it only takes a few days!

As long as your claim is accepted, you’ll get reimbursed within a few days – minus whatever deductible and copay you selected for your plan. See, we told you it was easy!

What do real Pet Parents think?

star star star star star

The customer support team were so kind and caring on the phone. They helped me through the claims process and kept me updated. Thank you Paw Protect!


Salt Lake City

star star star star star

I didn’t have pet insurance before because I wasn’t sure it was worth the cost. Now I have a policy with Paw Protect and I know I can protect my darling lab Bella. Peace of mind is priceless!



star star star star star

Smooth process from start to finish with our first claim. Wow, I’m so glad I switched. I love you Paw Protect!

Lauren T


star star star star star

My mom didn’t have pet insurance and couldn’t afford to pay a vet bill for our old collie Luna. Her condition just got worse and worse and it broke my heart. Our 1-year-old Yorkie just got insured with Paw Protect as we know this won’t happen 😊


San Diego

star star star star star

So easy to make a claim and I was reimbursed quicker than expected. Good job Paw Protect. Great service so far.



See how Paw Protect compares against the rest!

  Paw Protect
Covers vet exam fees in all plans
10% multi-pet discount
Choice of annual coverage options
24/7 live vet chat
Optional routine wellness plan
Unlimited coverage option
Pets Best
Healthy Paws
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Some say it’s a team of entrepreneurial Chihuahuas but in reality, Paw Protect is powered by Embrace Pet Insurance Agency LLC, so you get the great coverage, customizable premiums, and highly-rated customer service that Embrace is known for.

  • Once you’ve been through our short and simple enrollment process, your pet insurance will be administered by Embrace Pet Insurance Agency LLC. You’ll therefore have access to their handy customer account to submit and manage your claims, adjust your coverage, and receive communications.

  • You can update your contact information in your customer account or by contacting Paw Protect’s customer service team at 888-812-6704.