Paw Protect vs Trupanion

Paw Protect vs Trupanion: Verdict

Paw Protect Pet Insurance can help you pay vet bills up-front at any vet in the US* without having to use your own money, by offering customers an optional $2,000 interest-free line of credit via a virtual Visa card from Paytient.† According to Trupanion’s website, it can pay vets directly: “A Trupanion policy will work in every hospital across North America. So even if direct pay is not yet available at your regular hospital, you can still get the same great coverage.”

Both offer comprehensive accident and illness coverage, although Paw Protect trumps Trupanion by also covering vet exam fees and offering a 24/7 pet telehealth service.

Here’s how Paw Protect and Trupanion compare:

Pet insurance without paying vet bills* up-frontYes, if your vet has Trupanion Express software or if your vet allows direct pay
Annual coverage options$5000, $10,000, UnlimitedUnlimited
Deductible options$100, $250, $500$0-$1,000
Reimbursement options70%, 80%, 90%90%
Coverage start2 days accident,
14 days illness
5 days accident,
30 days illness
Maximum age at sign-up14 years accident and illness,
15+ accident only
14 years
Vet exam fees included
Dental accidents covered
Dental illness covered
Wellness plan offered
24/7 Telehealth
End of life coverage included
10% Multi-pet discount
Military discount

Information correct as of May 2023

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Paw Protect vs Trupanion: Claims process

Paw Protect offers an optional $2,000 interest-free line of credit, through a virtual Visa card from our partners at Paytient, to pay covered vet bills.*

  • If approved, and if your bill is under $2,000 – and most are – you don’t have to pay a cent up front. 
  • The claims process is simple. Submit the claim paperwork via our app, online, by email or through the mail, and you’ll be reimbursed a few days later, less your deductible and copay.
  • You then pay off your Paytient card and it’ll be good to go again on your next claim. Need more time to pay your deductible and copay? With Paytient you can set up a payment schedule that best suits your needs up to 12 months interest-free.

Trupanion claim they can also pay your vet directly, if the vet allows it, even if your vet does not have Trupanion software installed. We are unable to verify this though.

Without being able to pay the vet direct, you’ll pay the full bill up front out of your own pocket. You then submit a claim on its website, via fax or by email. If successful, you’ll be reimbursed minus any deductible and copay.

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