The story behind Paw Protect

Paw Protect, pet insurance
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We’re passionate about the benefits of pet insurance.

That’s why we started Paw Protect.

We’ve heard a lot of things about pet insurance – and one of the most common has to be people saying, ‘I’m not going to get my pet insured, I’ll just save $30 per month so I have money to cover any vet bills that come my way.” That’s great in theory… but vet bills have been rising for the last few years and aren’t coming down.

What if your dog needs hip dysplasia surgery?

This kind of operation can easy cost $7,000… if you were saving $30 per month, it would take you over 20 years to put aside enough money to cover that. The tragic reality is that many dogs and cats are put to sleep because their pet parents simply couldn’t afford their vet bill. “It’s heartbreaking having to say goodbye to a pet we could’ve saved,” says Dr. Kevin McEvilly DVM, from the Palms & Paws Veterinary Center in Santa Monica, California.

It’s something that he and thousand of vets face on a daily basis.

By getting your pet insured with Paw Protect, you’ll be covered for almost any accident or illness – plus you’ll get access to free 24/7 pet telehealth, a 10% multi-pet discount, industry-leading dental coverage and the option to add a Wellness plan on top.

Pet insurance isn’t perfect. But it’s way better than not having it.

What do real Pet Parents think?

star star star star star

The customer support team were so kind and caring on the phone. They helped me through the claims process and kept me updated. Thank you Paw Protect!


Salt Lake City

star star star star star

I didn’t have pet insurance before because I wasn’t sure it was worth the cost. Now I have a policy with Paw Protect and I know I can protect my darling lab Bella. Peace of mind is priceless!



star star star star star

Smooth process from start to finish with our first claim. Wow, I’m so glad I switched. I love you Paw Protect!

Lauren T


star star star star star

My mom didn’t have pet insurance and couldn’t afford to pay a vet bill for our old collie Luna. Her condition just got worse and worse and it broke my heart. Our 1-year-old Yorkie just got insured with Paw Protect as we know this won’t happen 😊


San Diego

star star star star star

So easy to make a claim and I was reimbursed quicker than expected. Good job Paw Protect. Great service so far.