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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Sadly not! While we love all animals here, Paw Protect only covers dogs and cats for insurance.

  • Yes, we do!

  • Once you’ve been through our short and simple enrollment process, your pet insurance will be administered by Embrace Pet Insurance Agency LLC. You’ll therefore have access to their handy customer account to submit and manage your claims, adjust your coverage, and receive communications.

  • Once a claim has been fully processed, it cannot be canceled, even if you haven’t cashed the check yet.

    However, you can email or call us at (888) 812-6704 before the claim has been completed to cancel. 

  • Some say it’s a team of entrepreneurial Chihuahuas but in reality, Paw Protect is powered by Embrace Pet Insurance Agency LLC, so you get the great coverage, customizable premiums, and highly-rated customer service that Embrace is known for.

  • You can find your claim form(s) in your online Paw Protect customer account. We also emailed it to you when you first signed up for Paw Protect but please contact our Customer Care Team if you’d like your claim form emailed or mailed to you.

    Please Note: You do not need a claim form if you’re submitting a claim via your online Paw Protect customer account. A claim form is only required if you submit a claim by fax, email, or mail.

    Each pet has its own personalized claim form.