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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Other than the unbelievably attractive and charming team? Paw Protect is the pet insurance plan with the option to apply for Paytient, allowing you to pay vet bills up-front at any veterinary practice or animal hospital in the US*. We do this by offering customers an optional $2,000 interest-free line of credit via a virtual Visa® card from Paytient to pay covered vet bills up front – reducing the need to draw on your savings or use an expensive credit card.

  • The virtual card is a standard Visa® card, just stored on your phone. You use it like any regular Visa® credit card to pay covered vet bills.

    Pay down your Paytient balance with your claim reimbursement and repay your out-of-pocket expenses at a pace that suits you, up to 12 months – with no interest added. Easy!

  • There is no catch. Honestly, even we’ve been looking for one. If you’re approved for the optional $2,000 line of credit with Paytient, the interest rate will always be 0%.

    If you have any questions, just get in touch.

  • No, claims are subject to your policy’s Terms & Conditions. Check your specific policy so you know the condition is covered when you pay for it. If the condition is not covered, your virtual Visa® card will still work, but you’ll have to pay the full amount back.

  • Your primary Paw Protect account holder can apply for the Paytient Visa card 12 days after your Paw Protect policy start date. If approved, the primary Paw Protect account holder will need to complete an identity verification process — which typically takes an additional two business days — before your virtual card and line of credit are activated and ready to use.

    So, how does the waiting period work? Say you purchase a Paw Protect policy on January 1st, and your policy starts on January 2nd. Your primary Paw Protect account holder can apply for the Paytient Visa card on January 14th. If approved, you can use your Paytient Visa card for veterinary care after your primary Paw Protect account holder completes an identity verification process that typically takes another two business days.