Paw Protect Reviews

Happy Owners, Happy Pets

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Having to find the money to pay a vet bill has been such a stress! Finally a company is helping people out! Thank you Paw Protect!


Salt Lake City

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I didn’t have pet insurance before because I knew I wouldn’t be able to pay a vet bill. Now I have a policy with Paw Protect and I know I can protect my darling lab Bella.



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I needed to use it this week and it was seamless. Well worth the switch from another provider. Thanks for making it so easy!



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My mom couldn’t afford to pay a vet bill for our old collie Luna and so her condition just got worse and worse. It broke my heart. Our 1-year-old Yorkie just got insured with Paw Protect as we know this won’t happen. 😊


San Diego

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I can’t believe it’s taken so long for this to happen! Having to pay a vet bill first and then wait for the money is SO unfair!!! Good job Paw Protect. Great service so far.



Why is Paw Protect so good?

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    Complementary  Treatments* & Rehabilitation

    Less-invasive treatments, like acupuncture or laser therapy (when not preventative), included at no extra cost.
  • Plaster icon

    Emergency Care

    Pets are covered at any emergency vet clinic, including 
  • Surgery icon

    Hospitalization & Surgery

    Scheduled or emergency surgery is covered,** including required hospital stays, even overnight.
  • Heart icon

    Specialist Care

    Treatments from veterinary specialists such as oncologists, internal medicine experts, behavioralists, and others.
  • X-Ray icon

    Diagnostic Testing

    We cover all diagnostic testing for any covered illness or condition, including biopsies, X-rays, MRIs, etc.
  • Drugs icon

    Prescription Drugs

    If the condition is covered, so are the prescription meds used to treat or manage it. 

*Complementary treatments were previously called alternative therapies.

**Spay/neuter surgery is preventative and not covered by insurance (but can be reimbursed by our wellness plan).